Joe Harding’s attempt at showboating backfired in a big way, and he ended up on the wrong end of a brutal KO.

On Saturday, amateur featherweights Johan Segas and Joe Harding fought on the British Challenge MMA 18 card in Colchester, England. The final result will read as a Segas KO win over Harding, but that doesn’t come remotely close to telling the whole story.

Harding thought it’d be a swell idea to do a little dance during the fight. This ended poorly for him in an instant. Caposa has the video of Segas delivering a thumping head kick straight to brutally punish Harding and end his night.

When showboating works, it’s entertaining. Roy Jones Jr. famously put his hands behind his back and then knocked out Glen Kelly. When it doesn’t work, it gets ridiculed for all eternity. Nate Campbell vs. Robbie Peden is probably one of the gold standards for showboating backfiring in a major way, as Campbell was dominating Peden and then gave it all away with one of the stupidest displays of taunting you’ll ever see. Mr. Harding has put himself on the highlight reel for all the wrong reasons.