Try and contain your excitement because it’s here, the Deadpool 2 trailer is finally here.

The Merc With A Mouth is back in a trailer for the upcoming film released by Ryan Reynolds to his YouTube page, and already it looks promising.

The teaser sees the actor fighting with a telephone box as he dons his skintight suit in a reference to Superman with the theme playing in the background, and the wisecracks are as funny as ever.

The short clip doesn’t include actual footage from the film, which is still being written, nor does it mention a release date or exact title – but it does give an idea of the kind of tone we can expect from the finished film.

It even makes reference to the film Logan, with Deadpool’s phone box standing outside a cinema advertising Logan – which is appropriate given it’ll be shown in cinemas before screenings of that very movie.

Though it has been confirmed that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine definitely won’t be starring in Deadpool 2 the trailer still gives us lots to get excited about.

The Merc With A Mouth is back in Deadpool 2 teaser (Picture: 20th Century Fox)

It ends with Deadpool asking: ‘What the f*** is a phone booth doing in a street? Didn’t they finish in 1988?

‘I suppose I could have just used my cell.’

Before he goes ahead and tucks into some ice-cream.

As you do.

The actual release date for Deadpool 2 is March 2, 2018.