Michael Bisping brags about knocking out people in training camp to try and take shots at his UFC 217 opponent in Georges St-Pierre.

From talking all kinds of trash to PED accusations, Michael Bisping has admittedly been trying to annoy Georges St-Pierre and get in his head during the build up of their UFC 217title bout. Bisping even claims that he has riled St-Pierre up that he tried to punch him during the last press conference, to which the long time welterweight champ laughed off.

“If I would’ve tried to punch you, you would’ve been knocked out on the floor,” St-Pierre said during a recent press conference. “For me I found it amusing. It’s not even annoying, it’s amusing and I’m having a good time right now.”

The verbal exchanges continued from there, with Bisping even bragging about events that happened in training to take a shot at his opponent.

“Who was the last person you’ve knocked out?” Bisping quipped.

“You’ll be the next,” GSP replied. “It’s not going to go 5 rounds. He’s the next one.”

“Who was it?” Bisping exclaimed. “I’ll tell you this, I’ve knocked out 3 people this week in training, and that’s a true story. You haven’t knocked anyone out in f—ng god knows how long, pal. So cut the bullshit. No need to lie to your people.”

Both men have been very good technical strikers in their careers, but neither of them have actually been known for their knockout power. Bisping is obviously still just trying to get St-Pierre emotional by these statements, but when bringing up private incidents from the gym, one can always channel Allen Iverson: “We talking about practice??

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